Information & Resources

American Solar Energy Society (ASES)
A comprehensive site dealing with solar energy. Several publications, and an online guide to solar power.
American Wind Energy Association
AWEA, the trade association of the wind energy industry, produces both technical and popular information about using wind for electricity.
Electric Power Research Institute
Institute researching the improvement of electric power generation and delivery
Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Network
This website, produced by the Department of Energy?s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, has the most comprehensive collection of background information about clean energy on the internet. It features 80,000 documents divided into a wide ran
Home Power
A magazine about alternate energy sources. Has detailed maps of solar and wind for the United States.
Lord's Place
A solar house in Maine owned by William and Deborah Lord. This site includes the process they went through to get their house ?off the grid?. They also have other ideas for using alternate fuel sources.
Power Engineering
A magazine dealing with all types of the electrical power industry.
Power Technology News
Power Technology News
Yahoo! Alternate Energy Group
A newsgroup for all those interested in alternate energy. Covers wind, hydro, and solar power.